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Election Access Fund: What it is and how to have your sayJune 30, 2022

This is about support for disabled people to stand as candidates in parliamentary general elections and by-elections

A guide for how you can use disability fundingAugust 1, 2023

This Easy Read guide tells you how you can use disability funding from Whaikaha.

A new agreement on the Convention on the Rights of the ChildApril 1, 2023

New Zealand and other countries have agreed to follow the United Nations' rules about what rights children have.

A plan to end family violence and sexual violenceDecember 1, 2021

This is about a Government plan to stop family and sexual violence called Te Aorerekura.

ASB: Using FastNet Classic internet bankingJuly 21, 2023

This is about ASB FastNet Classic internet banking which is when you do banking with ASB using the internet.

ASB: Using the ASB Mobile Banking appJuly 21, 2023

This is about the ASB mobile app that you can use to do banking on your phone, iPad or tablet.

Accessibility CharterSeptember 1, 2021

What the Government is doing to respect disability rights

Disability Action Plan 2019 - 2023December 31, 2018

The Disability Action Plan says what work needs to be done to make the New Zealand Disability Strategy happen.

Easy Read consent form for research projectsJuly 15, 2024

An Easy Read consent form to be used with research projects.

Employment Support Service Practice GuidelinesJanuary 1, 2018

This is about how Employment Support services can support disabled people to get into paid work.

Enabling Good Lives: Vision and PrinciplesOctober 29, 2023

Enabling Good Lives is about having choice and control in your life, and the support you want and need.

Extra Agreement under the International Agreement on the Rights of Disabled PeopleDecember 1, 2007

This paper is an EasyRead guide to an extra agreement for the International Agreement on the Rights of Disabled People.

Getting a flu vaccineMay 3, 2022

This tells you things about the flu vaccine, like how to get one and what might happen after getting it.

Getting support to pay for the dentistMay 1, 2023

Sometimes people can get help from the Ministry of Social Development to help pay the dentist.

Guide to Supported Decision MakingJune 14, 2020

This guide tells you what Supported Decision Making is and how someone can support you in making choices.

Guide to filling out your Health PassportNovember 23, 2023

This is about how to fill out your Health Passport. Your Health Passport can tell health services about you.

Health Passport FormNovember 18, 2023

This is the Easy Read Health Passport for you to fill out to take to any health appointments.

Housing Inquiry: Homelessness and human rightsSeptember 1, 2023

This is about a report by the HRC into emergency housing in NZ. It is part of the HRC looking into housing rights in NZ

How a bill becomes law in New ZealandMay 31, 2022

This tells you about how ideas politicians have called bills become laws in New Zealand

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