People First knows it is important for people with learning disability to have lifelong learning opportunities.  People with learning disability have the right to learn in ways that work for them.

People First has an education arm called Learn With Us.

Our style of delivering training to people with learning disability is very strong.  We have a lot of experience in this.  When we deliver training we always have a People First member as a trainer working alongside any People First staff. This has proved to work well.

By seeing people with learning disability co-facilitate our courses people are given great role models.  For People First members, being a trainer means developing their leadership skills and getting paid for meaningful work.

These are some of the courses we have:

Speaking Up

This course is designed for people with learning disability to learn about:

  • human rights
  • speaking up
  • and where in their local community they can get support and advice.

Through this 10 week course participants have a chance to meet with people from their community that are brought in to talk about their organisation or what they do.

Work and Your Rights in New Zealand

This 4 part course is designed to teach people about their rights at work. The course comes with a CD-ROM that teachers or facilitators can keep to refresh students after the course is finished.  All students also get an Easy Read course-book to keep. The resources are a great tool for people with learning disability to have as they look for work or continue in their current job.

Money Smarts Made Easy

This course has been made by People First NZ, together with the Massey University Fin-Ed Centre.  It is a course for people with learning disability to learn:

  • where their money comes from
  • where their money goes
  • how to keep their money safe.

Keeping Safe Feeling Safe

This is a 10 part course about Bullying, Abuse and Neglect that has come out of a 3 year pilot project in Auckland.  It aims to teach adults with learning disability:

  • what Abuse is
  • how to keep themselves safe
  • where to go for help.

Contact People First New Zealand if you would like more information about having a course in your area.