National Committee

Each of the 6 presidents from the regions forms the National Committee. The Committee also has two independent, non-voting advisors that provide advice as needed.

The National Committee meets at least 3 times a year to report on its work in the regions and nationally. The Committee also makes decisions about the work People First NZ does and its spending. The Committee also hears from member representatives on advisory boards.

The Committee sometimes invites guest speakers to meetings to stay connected with what is happening in government and the disability community.

Regional voices

National Committee members

Ronnie is Samoan, has a bald head and is wearing an rusty red sweatshirt with a hood.

Ronnie Sione

Northern Region President

Franklin local group member

Glen has blond hair, glasses and wears a grey t-shirt, and is smiling at the camera

Glen Terry

Midland Regional President

Hamilton local group member

Jenna has short hair and is wearing a green shirt standing at a podium.

Jenna Maguren

Central Regional President

Hutt local group member

Michael has grey short hair and wearing a grey striped top and smiling

Michael Aldridge

Top of the South Regional President

Nelson local group member

Peter has brown hair with a beard and glasses and is looking at the camera and smiling with his eyes. He ha a city scape in the background.

Peter Rees

Midsouth Regional President

Christchurch local group member

Philippa has hair tied back with a pink and white hoodie

Philippa Henderson

Southern Regional President

Balclutha local group member

Independent Advisors

Brigit has long dark-blonde hair is wearing a dark green top and is smiling

Brigit Mirfin-Veitch

Independent Advisor

Gordon has grey hair, is smiling and wears a light blue collared shirt.

Gordon Boxall

Independent Advisor