Government and laws

A plan to end family violence and sexual violenceDecember 1, 2021

This is about a Government plan to stop family and sexual violence called Te Aorerekura.

Protect your future with an Enduring Power of AttorneyJanuary 5, 2018

Enduring power of attorney is a plan for how you will be kept safe and looked after if something bad happens to you

How to make a submission to a select committeeDecember 31, 2018

This is about how to tell a select committee what you think by making a submission.

Election Access Fund: What it is and how to have your sayJune 30, 2022

This is about support for disabled people to stand as candidates in parliamentary general elections and by-elections

The Child and Youth Wellbeing StrategyAugust 1, 2019

This is about a Government plan to make New Zealand better for the wellbeing of Children and Youth

A new agreement on the Convention on the Rights of the ChildApril 1, 2023

New Zealand and other countries have agreed to follow the United Nations' rules about what rights children have.

Information about becoming a candidate in an electionJanuary 31, 2023

This talks about what it means to stand for election.

Talking to a select committeeJanuary 1, 2019

A select committee is a group made by the government to learn about something. This tells you about talking to one.

Disability Action Plan 2019 - 2023December 31, 2018

The Disability Action Plan says what work needs to be done to make the New Zealand Disability Strategy happen.

How a bill becomes law in New ZealandMay 31, 2022

This tells you about how ideas politicians have called bills become laws in New Zealand

New Zealand Disability Strategy 2016 – 2026January 1, 2016

The NZ Disability Strategy is a document the government uses to make sure they are meeting the needs of disabled people

Accessibility CharterSeptember 1, 2021

What the Government is doing to respect disability rights

Report: Off the RecordJuly 2, 2020

Investigation into the information about people with learning disabilities who died in MOH residential support services

Extra Agreement under the International Agreement on the Rights of Disabled PeopleDecember 1, 2007

This paper is an EasyRead guide to an extra agreement for the International Agreement on the Rights of Disabled People.

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