On the 30th March 2007 the New Zealand Government ratified the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.  It is also known as the Disability Convention.

This meant that the New Zealand Government made a commitment to making changes so that disabled people can take part and be fully included in all parts of New Zealand society.

The Government funds a group called the Convention Coalition.  The group is made up of representatives from Disabled People’s Organisations. People First New Zealand is part of the Convention Coalition.

The role of the Convention Coalition is to monitor how the Convention is being put in place in New Zealand. This means to check how New Zealand is doing with making changes to meet the rights in the Disability Convention.  It also means telling the United Nations whether or not disabled people are getting their rights.

People First knows that it is very important for people with learning disability to understand and know about the Disability Convention.  We are working hard to teach the members about it and what it means for disabled people in their everyday lives.

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