In March and April this year the Ministry of Social Development (the Ministry) had 5 ideas for changing day services and supported employment services.


There is now an Easy Read document that says what people thought about those ideas.


Click here to download the Easy Read document:

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The Ministry listened to what people said and decided not to go ahead with some of the ideas for change.


The Ministry is now holding three meetings to work on the changes that will be going ahead.


Disabled People’s Organisations, family organisations and service providers all have representatives at the meetings.


Don Neal is the People First New Zealand representative for these meetings.


The first meeting was on the 21st September.


It was about which goals of disabled people day services and supported employment services can help with.


The second meeting was on 23rd October.  It was about what supported employment services need to do.


The third meeting will be held on 11th November and will be about what day services need to do.


The Ministry will work with People First NZ to tell people about any changes that are going to happen.