The New Zealand Human Rights Commission has launched a campaign to ask the Government:

  • for an independent inquiry into abuse in state care – this means it will not be the Government who looks into what happened
  • for a public apology to those who suffered while in state care
  • to recognise the harm that was caused to the victims
  • to give the victims the support they need because of what happened
  • to make sure this never happens again.

People First New Zealand National Chairperson David King has signed the petition on behalf of People First. He says “They should get an apology from the Government for the wrongdoing. Where people have passed away they should apologise to the family. العاب الخيول The Government needs to work on solutions to stop this abuse from happening to anyone else. لعبة فلوس We don’t have the big institutions today but this can still happen to anyone with a learning disability – young or old, any gender. We need to make this stand.”

People First New Zealand Communications Manager Alexia Black says “Many People First New Zealand members and our friends suffered awful abuse in ‘state care’. People were locked away for decades. Even whole lives. Abused by people who had all of the power and control. Forgotten by society.  Each time an elderly People First New Zealand member passes away without an apology for what was taken from them and done to them, another chance to restore some dignity is lost. لعبة جاك بوت

This is such an important petition and this needs to be done now before it is too late.
We have signed.
Will you?

Sign the petition

Share your story of abuse in state care.

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