Becoming a Person

Robert Martin’s new book ‘Becoming a Person’ is a moving tribute to not only the man whose story it tells, but also to the thousands of people for whom institutions were their grim reality.

Throughout the book, Robert refers to the many people that he witnessed suffer trauma and injustice, lived with and shared friendships with, at various institutions around NZ.  You can tell that behind this man who is able to tell his story – hard though it is, there are many, many others whose stories may never be told.

$15 each + $5 postage and handling


The following resources are free to order:

Disability Information and Advice pamphletDIAS

This pamphlet is about our free Disability Information and Advice Service.

Anyone can contact People First New Zealand to find out information about learning disability and what services and supports are available in New Zealand.


Work and Your Rights in New Zealand – CD-ROMYour rights to work DVD

This CD-ROM (CD for your computer) was made by People First for the ‘Work and Your Rights’ course.

The CD-ROM contains the following information:

  • The booklet
  • A powerpoint presentation
  • Guideline for presenting
  • Guideline for distribution


Your rights to workWork and Your Rights in New Zealand – Book

This 16 page book was made by People First for the ‘Work and Your Rights’ course.

It covers:

  • What is work?
  • Being a good worker
  • What are your Rights when you are a worker?
  • What is a Minimum Wage Exemption Permit?
  • Health and Safety at work
  • Problems at work
  • Where to go for advice and help


Seeking Community – Book (2007)

Seeking community DVD

88 pages.

In ‘Seeking Community’, people with learning disability tell the stories of their lives in their own words.

These stories show remarkable resilience in the face of rejection, abuse and loneliness. They show humour and vitality. Above all they show individuals who simply want to live an ordinary life.