9 April 2020

We are all going through a hard time with COVID-19 and we are all trying to do the best we can.

We know that in emergency situations like we are in now, Disabled people’s rights often get forgotten about.

We are hearing that some people with learning disability are having their rights taken away.

We want to give a gentle reminder to everyone that rights matter at all times.

All rights are important but here are few we want to remind you of:

  • the right to be respected
  • the right to dignity
  • the right to be free from discrimination
  • the right to have information in ways we can understand
  • the right to be fully informed. 
  • the right to have support to make our own decisions

Please make sure that you do your best not to take people’s rights away. Please keep working hard to make sure Disabled people always have their rights.

Kia kaha – stay strong.

People First New Zealand – Ngā Tāngata Tuatahi is a Disabled Persons Organisation run by and for people with learning (intellectual) disabilities.


People First NZ COVID-19 Helpline freephone:

0800 20 60 70