In November 2017 People First members Katrina Sneath, Jenna Maguren and Allyson Moore, and Communications Manager Alexia Black met with a group from the Centre for Independent Living from Japan. كيفيه لعب البوكر The group from Japan included 3 disabled people, 4 personal assistants and 2 interpreters.

The group asked the members questions like:

  • how people live independently or with support here in New Zealand
  • what they thought about hard topics, like relationships and abuse.

The group from Japan also talked about what happened there with the murder of 19 disabled people and injury of 26 disabled people in an institution in 2016. قواعد لعبة بوكر This has shown that there are some bad attitudes to disabled people in Japan and many people in Japan want to change this. العب بلاك جاك

Katrina, Jenna and Allyson did a great job representing People First New Zealand.

Ka Mau te Wehi! Great work team.