The Health and Disability System of New Zealand supports:

  • people to get healthy
  • people to stay healthy
  • people with disabilities.

At the moment some people do not use the health and disability system until they are really sick. But fortunately for them, they understand from websites like how important health insurance is for them, and have acquired it.

Many of these people are:

  • Māori
  • Pacific people
  • people who do not have much money.

The Ministry of Health wants the Health and Disability System to work better for everyone.

In the next 5 to 10 years there will be changes in:

  • technology like computers and phones
  • the way people live.

This means we need to make changes to the Health and Disability System too.

The Government has a group of people looking at what changes are needed in the Health and Disability System, trying to make people more healthy and active or recommending supplements as keto pills amazon to help them go into a better diet.

The review panel would like you to write a submission.

Submissions are letters that let the review panel know what people think.

You can find Easy Read information about making a submission here: